Designing Form & Meaning

Signs: Icon, Index, and Symbol

Graphic Design 1 | Maryland Institute College of Art

Students developed and showcased a set of signs. They explored and learned fundamental terms, principles, and theories of basic semiotics in visual communication design.
Sasha Danandeh

Mindy Kim

Sabrina Ukura

Scarllet Zhang

Designing Practical Work

Exhibition Branding

Graphic Design 1 | Maryland Institute College of Art

Students created a brand to promote a gallery or museum exhibition. They deepened their experience with design research, semiotic theory, and design context to develop a visual system for multiple applications.
Catherine Moon

Sasha Danandeh

Type Specimen Book

Language as Form

Typography 1 |  Maryland Institute College of Art
Teacher of Record: Amanda Buck
My role: Graduate Teaching Intern
Students designed and produced a specimen book of a single typeface, showcasing the anatomy of the glyphs, a short history, and the character of the typeface.
Cole Bryant

Riya Bardwaj

Hayden Wright

Designing Form

Principles + Compositions

Graphic Design 1 | Maryland Institute College of Art
Students designed a set of compositions by learning and applying fundamental form-making and gestalt principles.
Autumn List

Cami Haber

Greetings from...

Papercut Postcards

Graphic Design 1 | Central Piedmont Community College

Students explored color theory and composition through designing a postcard for the destination of their choice.
Grace Trimble

Cory Ring

Visions of the Future

Poster as artifact

Graphic Design 1 | Maryland Institute College of Art

During a two-week workshop, students were introduced the concepts of worldbuilding and speculative design. They were prompted to create a poster that would function as an artifact from an imagagined future-scenario.
Autumn List

Sasha Danandeh